Take it outside – South Africa’s climate is one of the best in the world. We need to take advantage of this fact. One of the main reasons why outdoor events are so successful is because of the simple fact that being outside is so beneficial.


A good day in South Africa is when it is hot and calm, a bad day is when it is a hot and windy. No matter what happens South Africa’s weather is always ideal.


We never have to deal with the extremes. Like snow or sweltering heat, we are perfectly situated in the middle and we can do nothing but benefit from it. Hosting an event outside opens many areas of possibilities, merely because you are not confined to four walls. You can use your imagination and use the free range to your advantage. With the perfect back drop of greenery and a blue sky you can simply never go wrong. The fresh air does everyone wonders too.

By taking advantage of the outdoors you can tap into the surroundings natural beauty, not needing to go into any great lengths for décor or comfort factors. Guests respond to positivity and by harnessing the outdoors as a venue you are already capturing the positivity from natural surroundings. People don’t like being cooped up into confined spaces, the open starry sky and fresh air goes a long way in creating that brilliant ambiance that any event co-coordinator dreams of.

Another reason why hosting an event in an open air environment is the fact that you can keep it uniquely South African. We as a country love our open flames and braais. What smells any better than driving passed someone’s house and smelling their meat on the fire? It is what makes our country so great. Nothing beats an open fire, smelling the spit braai in the air, the hot summer sky and a cold swimming pool. It is absolutely surreal.

So with all of these positive aspects of open air hosting, who would argue? It is uniquely South African and keeps us actively growing in our roots and who we are as South Africans. When hosting outside you also don’t need to worry about your items inside your home or office being damaged or broken. Even someone messing red wine onto your R15 000 carpets won’t be a factor to worry about so keep that wine flowing.

There is just no end to how outdoor events would benefit any host. We are who we are and we need to embrace it. We love the outdoors. We love our spit braais and we love our climate. Hosting an event outdoors will always be a hit, and your grandmothers’ vase will be safe from any accidental breakages. Not to mention the fact that your home will still be clean once everyone leaves.