So you have put in so many days, weeks, or even many months on planning your conference; there is simply nothing which disappoints more than when you are disappointed by your workforce on the big day.


Making sure you have hired the correct hosts at the entrance to welcome your guests as well as competent assistants to aid them throughout your function, makes an enormous difference of opinion in the manner that your guests perceive your beautifully planned function, as well as your company. 


Putting together a team of skilled, hard working staff will ensure that making your function successful is neither a difficult nor a pressure-filled feat. It’s not a train smash if you are just too overwhelmed to source the right talent for your day, not when you can use a reputable staffing agency like Cocktails and Caviar. When you hire event staff through us, you can rest assured that they have been screened. We can recommend the highest quality promotional team members because they have already been vetted for professionalism and experience. By working with Cocktails and Caviar, you will be able to put together a dependable, efficient and knowledgeable team.


Think of your event staff as representatives of your precious brand. Guests who experience shoddy service from the staff you hire will feel dissatisfied and become distrusting of your business. Can you imagine anything worse than allowing your guests’ very first experience at your event be an encounter with a person not quite quite the embodiment of the vibe you were trying to create. Your first impression could mean make or break the event which is why it is so vital that you do it right. 


Of course, every event is different, each with its own staffing requirements. Cocktails and Caviar take our time understanding your every need. We have over a decade of experience in in event staffing and have uncovered various factor which are vital to take into account when choosing staff for events and corporate functions. We interview candidates in person to give us a feel for their skills and personality and assist you in determining how well they will fit your event. We assess the candidates’ professional background, their industry and brand knowledge, their willingness to be a brand ambassador, their comfort level with large or small audiences as well as their schedule.


If you require staff with specialist skills, from cocktail flarers, to dancers and performers we can help in sourcing all your specific needs. Specialist skills like these are high in demand at this time of year so we recommend booking these staff as early on as you can to guarantee that you get to secure only the very best talent for your function.


We recommend that you start off the whole process early on, and move quickly, because if you take too long selecting your favourite candidates, it may end up being you who gets turned away. When you wait ‘til the very last minute to book your staff it doesn’t leave you enough time to select the perfect team and availability will be scarcer than it would have been had you begun earlier; most of the good staff will be booked for other functions already. 


With regards to uniform requirements, is there a specific look you have in mind? We provide all our corporate event staff with a black tie, an apron and so on, but if you have a specific aesthetic you want us to fit in with then it’s best to provide these details as soon as you can.


Always overbook your event staff. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the whole list of staff arrived on time, as well as in good spirit and raring to go? At Cocktails and Caviar we realise that hardly anything ever goes exactly as expected. Rather overbook and anticipate that a couple of recruits won’t be able to meet your expectations. Prior to your event, confirm the attendance of all your hired staff.