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Mouth Watering, Spit Roasted Lamb, right to your door, Served to Perfection

Feast includes a Spit Roasted Lamb, Slow Cooked Baby Potatoes, Mushrooms, Onions and

a Medley of Roasted Veggies and Garlic Cheesy Ciabatta Bread.

Spit & Braai Menu

Spit & Braai

Lamb spit & mint sauce only R95pp

Lamb spit, chicken & mint sauce only R95pp

Lamb, beef and chicken spit braai R105pp

Lamb spit & Sa braai ( wors & chicken pieces, mini steaks) R125

Lamb spit & braai large tiger prawns and mussel potjie R185pp

South African braai (lamb chop, wors, chicken pieces & mini steak) R110pp


Add baby potatoes, mushrooms, onions cooked in spit R22pp

Add cream spinach and roasted butternut R29pp

Add fresh rolls & butter pats R7pp

Add garlic bread R11pp

2 salads R22pp or 3 salads R28pp

Prices exclude vat and are calculated on 60 to 100 guests. Our meat portions are min 350g (raw weight) per person.

100 to 160 guests 10% less

160+ guests 14% less

Less than 60 guests will have to be quoted separately to

insure best prices

Our Spit Braai comes with a Selection of Salads

Choose your Salads


Capris salad

Waldorf salad

Caesar salad

Spinach salad with hot bacon mustard dressing | Pesto pasta salad | Potato salad | Summer garden couscous salad

Delivery & Collection

R350.00 for CBD

R500.00 for Surrounds

R600.00 for Sunday/Public Holiday

Areas outside of Durban are charged at R5.50 per km, please advise for this pricing.


Please pay a 50 % deposit to secure your booking.


Balance of accounts is payable day before the event.  All prices 

are exclusive of vat. We add a handling fee on all outsourced 

services. Sometimes prices go up – we hate to do it – but if they 

do we will have to renegotiate the menu price.


To avoid confusion, Cancellation of ANY booking must be given in

writing by you, and a signed acknowledgement received by you from us.

We may have booked that day just for you so if we have chased business away we will need to charge you a cancellation fee of up to 50%. If you cancel 48 hours or less before the event we reserve the right to charge full price should any purchasing or preparations have taken place.