Many firms question the value of hosting a party to mark the occasion of a financial year end. Especially given recent economic conditions, is it entirely appropriate to splash out on luxuries such as food and venues during such a time?


Perhaps you have not yet begun planning your company’s annual corporate event yet, in which case it is certainly the to get cracking. All good corporate leaders are aware of the fact that genuine success is really built upon a foundation of purpose driven, vision-filled, happy employees. Good leaders know that colleagues are meant to be so much more than just nameless faces receiving their daily morning nod or evening wave.


Sometimes a annual party is regarded as an obligation as opposed to a fantastic opportunity to further reinforce your business positive mission and vision, placing vital importance on your organisation’s internal culture as well as its output. You can always tell when a corporation lacks this culture, as evidenced by a party totally lacking of any ‘wow!’ factor, one which is quickly forgotten and creates no buzz in the workplace.


At Cocktails and Caviar, we understand that your company’s water coolers should be buzzing with conversations, the smiles on your employees face shouldn’t be obligatory but genuine. When your corporate event makes your staff feel this way, your office will become the sort of place in which the people are working together, celebrating together and enjoying each others company. In this environment, cooperation is increased and competition goes on the back-burner paving the way for mutual respect.


If you are one of the great corporate leaders who truly acknowledge that their strength and their power is a direct result of the people working behind the name, then you already realise that your corporate annual function is absolutely essential. With so many people spending such a huge portion of their lifetime in a more professional setting; this may be the only time that some of your staff will be able to step outside of the corporate environment and relax with colleagues in a fun, non-threatening, neutral and non-pressurised environment which helps you cultivate the culture you want in the workplace.


If your company really look into the reasons why a annual gathering is so important, you should then be able to create a super strong message to your people throughout the year, which if done correctly will encourage more people to participate in invitational events. The investment of time and money into the event itself will determine how loud your message will be and how well it is received. 


This is the ideal opportunity to set the right tone for the new financial year. It’s important for you and your staff to feel a sense of closure come the end of the year, so they can properly prepare for the twelve months ahead. A annual party is a great way to formally (or perhaps informally) mark the end of the year, take a breather and start looking ahead to what the new financial year will bring.


The annual function is also the perfect time for recognising and rewarding your employees’ efforts. Perhaps your company has had a major breakthrough this year, it exceeded all of its goals and finally started turning a profit; people instinctively love being recognised and every employee has an innate desire to feel really appreciated.


Essentially, they need to know for a fact that they truly matter, particularly to the bosses, to the business owners and in fact even the ones only slightly higher than they are on the corporate ladder. Show your staff you appreciate their efforts by treating them to a proper annual function. What better way to reward your employees than by showering them with food, fun and merriment?


A year end function allows the whole team to get together and have a bit of fun while getting to know each other better. You may also find that giving your employees the chance to enjoy themselves out of the office will boost their morale and sense of belonging at the company. The company annual function lets co-workers, employers, and even clients or customers to mingle and socialize in a comfortable environment where corporate hierarchies, department divisions, and job titles cease to exist. 


The Cocktails and Caviar team have assisted so many business over the last few decades in developing their ideal annual function, one in which a strong message about your company’s culture is delivered. Do not delay; should you be looking to throw a party for annual which will be developed into a motivational,unforgettable and momentous occasion then get in touch with us today. 


It doesn’t really matter if you are just a small business or a massive corporation, the annual corporate function needs to mark the achievements made throughout the year as well as to celebrate all the people who assisted in making those achievements happen. While the level of extravagance is limited to the constraints of your budgets, the creativity and fun need are non-negotiable.


Your corporate annual party can help create a sense of camaraderie, boost morale, build team spirit, and re-ignite vision. Cocktails and Caviar are here to help you show your staff that you care enough to celebrate one of the biggest holidays of the year with them.